• My Influences
  • I am trained in Psychosynthesis, which focuses on healing and integrating parts of the self.  Psychosynthesis is based on a journey model, our life experiences have led us to where we are today, as opposed to a medical model that assumes something needs to be “fixed”.

    My orientation is Transpersonal, grounded in a recognition that we are more than just our personalities, that connecting with what is beyond the self-- to spirituality, nature, community, and creativity shape and influence who we are and who we will become.

    I integrate the principals and techniques of Hakomi, a profound and unique approach to therapy.  This powerful method transforms limiting core beliefs that shape our lives, relationships, and self-image.  This approach is unique in that it leads the client beyond the story they are telling themselves, making changes in one’s orientation towards life.

    The expressive arts are a powerful way to access our authentic selves. There is an innate intelligence to creativity that leads us beyond our stories to seeing ourselves in new ways. 

    My experience as a wilderness guide also informs my work.  Guiding a backpacking trip is similar to working with a client on her or his journey toward wholeness.  Both are deeply healing forays into the unknown that elicit a sense of wonder and a deep trust in the Self’s natural path of unfolding.